4 Tips for Protecting Your Aircraft From Germs and Bacteria

Passengers on board plane

Aircraft cleaning is quite a task, weather you are part of the crew for a huge Boeing, or you own a little one- man aircraft. However, the right on-ground service for aircrafts will make a huge difference in the health and safety of you and your passengers.

Why are aircraft cleaning product important?

We often hear news scares like the spread of the Ebola virus or bird flu, which could leave you feeling like almost any cross-border travel is just asking for unpleasant bugs and viruses to hitch a lift with you. While these crises are often blown way out of proportion, the correct aircraft on-ground service will go a long way to ensuring that the health of yourself and your passengers are not compromised at any time. Aviation is rapidly becoming the travel method of choice for international trips, and it can be of little surprise that this sets the industry up perfectly to be the carrier of choice for a host of unwanted passengers like viruses too.

Remember that people scare easily.

While it’s less relevant if you’re flying a select group of friends then if you’re running an actual passenger business, it’s important to remember that people are susceptible to scares, and that common sense doesn’t always work like it should. It’s impossible to ward off every germ ever. Even the best aircraft cleaning products have their limitations. Basic hygiene precautions like washing hands, along with regular wipe-downs and scheduled heavy servicing, should be a given for every aircraft. Making sure you use the correct aircraft cleaning products and have them to hand for easy, regular maintenance is the best way to ensure hygiene standards are met.

What’s good to keep on hand?

Aircraft cleaning is even easier if passengers do it for you! Alcohol based hand sanitisers, disinfecting wipes for commonly used and food-preparing surfaces, and a good all-purpose disinfectant will go a long way to keeping the inside of your aircraft sanitary and safe, and making the first two available to passengers too will take some of the burden off of you in-flight too.

What can I do on a deep clean?

Aircraft cleaning products, as we mentioned, are not infallible. Superbugs are becoming more and more of a reality thanks to improper use of antibiotics and disinfectants. Scheduling a regular deep-clean for your aircraft will help eradicate some of the more stubborn issues with germs. Steam cleaning and some promising anti-microbial and anti-fungal sprays on the market are a good place to start. It’s usually best to trust this to an outside company equipped to deal with the potential health hazards of using strong cleaners. More explained in our post here: http://www.freebirdsportplanes.com/aircraft-cleaning-and-maintenance-leather-sun-and-funds/

Remember, no protection against viruses and germs will ever be fully fool proof. However, a regular maintenance plan and attention to using the right aircraft cleaning products will go a long way towards making your aircraft cleaning and sanitation process considerably easier on your budget and you- and keep your passengers and crew safe at the same time.


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