Aircraft Washing and Cleaning – How To Get Started With the Right Equipment

aircraft washing

If you are thinking about aircraft on ground service, never think it only from technical aspects. Cleaning the aircraft is another major job to be done by the aviation services team. The aviation industry has flourished in past few decades. This is because man has conquered the airspace, like all the major elements around him. Today, because of the contribution of technology innovations, a number of planes and aircrafts can be seen in the skies like enthusiastic eagles. These planes are serving both the commercial and the private purposes. As technology has connected people all around the globe, so traveling from one country to another is no more a full blog post at

Aircraft cleaning industry:

As the use of airplanes and jets has increased to travel from one place to another, there has been an emergence of many new related services and industries. One such industry which has diversified is that of cleaning services for airplanes. All the private and commercial airplane agencies and owners spend millions of dollars each day, to make their crafts look best and up to date through theses cleaning services. Cleaning the planes is now also a demand of international standards of aviation rules and safety.

So cleaning the aircraft and pilot supplies has become a mark of quality for all aviation companies, operating domestically or internationally. Cleaning is done both by the private and the in house cleaning agencies. However, this cleaning should not be treated as a secondary job. It must be done with best possible equipments and according to the international standards to make the aviation company excel among its competitors.

Get to the right equipment:

There has been excessive experimentation and research on the cleaning chemicals and substances which can be extra beneficial for the aircraft industry. This is because an aircraft has to bear different weather and atmosphere pressures, so the equipment and the substances used for cleaning must be appropriate.

 Cleaning carts are the most used equipment, which are used to clean the ground of the airplane when there are aircraft ground services.

 Penetrating protective coating is used to add extra shine to the window panes and the panels of the airplane.

aircraft washing

 Aero brushes are plane brushes, used for removing the dust and other particles which are residing over the different surface areas. These brushes cannot penetrate deep, however, can be used for surface cleaning.

 Buff and wax balls are used in the airplane belly area, where more polishing is needed

 Aircraft squeegee is used as a liquid absorber and serve the purpose of removing liquid and water from different areas of the airplane.

 Washing mops serve the purpose of moping and cleaning with the help of water and other chemicals.

There are many other useful types of equipment for aircraft services, which you can choose according to the demand and usage of the aircraft. So you have to start selecting the best and high quality aircraft cleaning products.


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