How To Clean An Airplane

aircraft cleaningAircraft cleaning is something that many small plane owners try to keep done on a regular basis. As the plane sets in the hanger or at the airport, several of the owners would prefer not to have them looking dirty and uncared for. Many owners will hire a company to clean their aircraft because it is a big job to wash an airplane and there are certain things on an airplane that you must be careful not to damage. The inside also needs to be cleaned by dusting and wiping down the seats and cleaning the inside of the windows. A nice clean airplane helps to make for an enjoyable flight.


Do not use an alkaline cleaner when washing, this can seep into the seams on the plane and cause corrosion to build up and form. Spray the water from the power washer the same way that the airplane would fly into a rain. This will keep the water from building up on the body. The airplane is designed to allow the water to drain off of the craft as it flys through the rain. It is a huge job and many owners sometime look for someone to hire to wash their airplanes for them. There are people that have put together a crew to do professional airplane washing. Check with the airport where you have your airplane stored.


  • Mix a commercial aviation cleaning products for the pressure washer
  • Angle pressure washer towards the back of plane about 3 to 4 feet away
  • Next clean the tail from top to bottom. Turn rudders and clean between it and tail
  • Clean the fuselage starting at the bottom and cleaning up from back to front
  • Windshield gets cleaned with cleaner and a soft cloth
  • Use detergent around the engine area, along with a brush if necessary
  • Clean between the engine and the fuselage with a pressure washer
  • Next wash the wings with the pressure washer wash the top and then the bottom
  • Move the flaps up and then down to clean between the flaps
  • Wash the wheels with the pressure washer and heavy detergent using brushes
  • Rinse the entire plane off with clean water

Keeping Your Airplane Clean

Antistatic Wipes do a nice job for cleaning the dust from the inside of your airplane. They not only remove the dust and grit that will get inside especially in the cabin around all of the controls, but will also help to reduce the static that can cause electricity type shocks. It is important to be able to clearly read all of the instruments on the panel in the cabin of the plane. These instruments are vital to your location of your plane and help to let you know if there becomes a problem with the operations of your aircraft.

Most private aircraft owners know that it is highly expensive to own and operate a small plane. There is the special insurance and the expense of keeping up with their licensing responsibilities. Normally with an expense like that, come the pride of ownership and wanting it to show by the look of their aircraft. This is why most owners will be sure and use proper aircraft cleaning products when it comes to the care of their airplane.


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